012 | San Diego Fleet Preseason Update | Rankings | Roster Moves + Win Season Tickets!!

January 16, 2019


In this weeks episode, The Boys at the Yard break down the pre-season so far.  Review some emotionally taxing roster moves, lay down their pre-season rankings and predictions, review their appearance on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, go off on wild tangents, and announce a new contest for San Deigo Fleet Season Tickets. 



011 | AAF Fantasy Football Revolution with Howard Bender - San Diego Fleet Camp Review

January 9, 2019

It's an AAF Fantasy Football REVOLUTION with Sirius XM Host Howard Bender!


In this week's episode, the Boys at the Yard sit down with Howard Bender Head of Content for FantasyAlarm.com, and host of 2017 FSTA Radio Show of the Year Fantasy Alarm on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio Channel 87.  We take a deep dive into the Fantasy Football outlook from the mainstream fantasy perspective.   

We also review the first few days of San Diego Fleet Spring hearing audio from QB Alex Ross, FS Kameron Kelly, and the head honcho himself, Uncle Mike Martz! 

Our take on the AAF Official Ball.  

Furthermore, VanAwesome tricked some poor lady into marrying him! 

Twitter contest for Fleet Gear and a Signed Shipyard T! 




010 | San Diego Fleet Mini-Camp Review & Brew with WR Darreus Rogers

December 23, 2018

Hodads Brewing Company and Darreus Rogers join The Shipyard for a Mini-Camp review & Brew 

In a special edition Christmas episode recorded at Hodad's Brewing Company, the Boys at the Yard sit down with San Diego Fleet WR Darreus Rogers and discuss Mini-Cam... and beer. 

Round 1: Boss Brew Kölsch | Fleet News

Round 2: Hodaddy Hefeweizen  | Getting to know Darreus Rogers

Round 3: Local IPA  |  Inside San Diego Fleet Mini-Camp

Round 4:  American Brown  |  Facebook Group Questions Answered



009 | Meet the San Diego Fleet!

December 20, 2018


  1. The boys recap their experience at #MeetTheFleet event.   
  2. The latest San Diego Fleet news and speculation.
  3. A look a the competitive landscape of Spring Football Leagues
  4. Conspiracy Corner
  5. Your questions answered! 

We will be giving away some sweet shirts soon!  Stay tuned for details. 


008 | PUMPHREY WATCH 2018 REACHES CRITICAL MASS!!! San Diego Fleet - Josh Johnson shocks the world with insane NFL performance and Air Coryell 2.0 is HERE.

December 13, 2018


Episode 08

The boys blow the lid off the Donnel Pumphrey Jr story.  Josh Johnson proved the level of talent we expect to see around the AAF. 

  1. News and Updates
  2. The surprise signing of UCSD BALLER DB Kameron Kelly!
  3. Josh Johnson recap of Redskins Performance
  4. Pumphrey Watch 2018 Reaches Critical Mass
  5. Mike Martz talks Air Coryell offense coming to the San Diego Fleet
  6. Corrections & Reflections
  7. Commanders President Interviewed by SAcommandPost Podcast: Masterfully avoids committing to double-down on his week 1 challenge. 
  8. Listener Questions

Catch us in the rotation at www.fullpresscoverage.com/radio


007 | A Rivalry is Born - A full hour With San Diego Fleet President Jeff Garner

December 7, 2018


The Boys head to SDCCU Stadium and spend a hilarious hour with San Diego Fleet President Jeff Garner.  

  1. Intros + The News with Jeff

    1. Josh Johnson
    2. Meet the Fleet
    3. Mini Camp
    4. The Boys Get Dave Boller in trouble #PumphreyWatch2018
    5. XFL and other Spring League discussion
    6. Countdown to Opening Day
  2. Uniform Discussion - Some Wounds Healed, some new wounds opened.  
  3. A deep dive into the San Diego vs San Antonio Rivalry
  4. Facebook Group Questions


Get season Tickets here: https://aaf.com/san-diego-fleet/tickets/

Or call to speak to the best account reps in sports! 619-881-0606

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006 | Uniform Rankings and Breakdown - The Fratboys apologize for hurting the Commanders Feelings

November 30, 2018

The Shipyard Episode 6 Art - San Diego Fleet Uniform Reveal

  1. 00:00-6:40 - Intro and The Fratboys issue an apology to the Commanders Podcast for "Hurting their feewings" 
  2. 6:40 - SHOT FIRED 
  3. 09:00 - Shipyard Consensus Uniform Rankings revealed and critique 
    1. 09:00 - Legends
    2. 11:00 - Rankings system Explained
    3. 12:00 - Apollos
    4. 13:08 - Hotshots
    5. 15:00 - Express
    6. 18:20 - Stallions
    7. 20:20 - Fleet
    8. 30:30 - Iron
    9. 32:00 - Commandorks
  4. 35:00 - Mike Martz Crisp 5 of the Week
  5. 35:40 - Shoutout to our home-boyardees over at Fleet Speak
  6. 37:00 - WE BRO THE EFF OUT BRO!

Thanks to our sponsor The Beard Club. 


005 | Rise of the Mega’Quan!

November 26, 2018


  1. The Boys interview Fleet WR De'Quan "Mega'Quan" Hampton

    1. Find De'Quan on Instagram @_megaquan
    2. Check out the AAF's feature video of De'Quan here. 
  2. Come sit with us!!  Enter SDSHIPYARD19 in the "Access an Offer" field to get access to some Prime real-estate smack in the center of the Shipyard! 
  3. Uniform Watch 2018:  Come to the uniform reveal and QB Draft party Tuesday, Nov 27th at 4-7pm at BarleyMash Restaurant downtown San Diego. 

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004 | The Shipyard Visits The Fleet HQ!

November 16, 2018


  1. The Boys take a trip to The San Diego Fleet HQ, Meet the top brass and talk fan experience.
  2. SMIFFY'S BACK... Noodles is full on P.O.'d about it! 
  3. Conspiracy Corner: The XFL IS the AAF?!  |  The AAF app could be coming before the end of NFL Fantasy football season concludes.
  4. The Rumor Mill: Jerseys coming even sooner than expected!!!  How about helmets?
  5. San Antonio gets roasted. 

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003 | Joe n’ Smiff’s Big Day Out!

November 14, 2018


A mini-episode aimed to delight even the most discerning San Diego Fleet enthusiast!

  1. The Boys at the Yard discover that one Boy is not even at the Yard! WTF!
  2. Noodles gets her big break
  3. The QB Camp is a major hush-hush situation 
  4. Uniform-watch 2018
  5. Joe hurls outrageous accusations of collision towards the AAF and XFL.  
  6. Smiff n' Joe's Big-Day out Preview, a tender ballad to lost companionship.

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